Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a technique that takes you on a safe & gentle journey through your subconscious mind, accessing stored memories from past incarnations or early childhood. Using relaxation techniques, a deeply relaxed state is achieved, bypassing the clients conscious mind and allowing the part of the brain that stores our memories to activate

Whilst PLR may be an exciting journey into the past, it is also a very useful modality in pinpointing & releasing stored trauma or painful memories that may be negatively impacting on life today

Used as tool for insight, clients can gain greater understanding of their patterns of behaviour, their irrational fears or even the bad habits they just can’t seem to break, as well as also experiencing so many happy memories – you may even discover that people in your life today have also played a part in your life previously

Although many people attend a PLR session simply through interest, the session itself can leave them with a profound and positive impact on life. The benefits are numerous…

You may discover the root causes of life issues, relationship difficulties, illnesses, feelings of not belonging, or even why you feel so drawn to certain people or places. You may even recover hidden talents or beautiful memories that empower & inspire you in the here & now

As you will be in an aware but deeply relaxed state throughout, you can interact with me, answering questions and following prompts as I guide you through your past lifetimes. The more relaxed you are the greater the experience will be. Clients report sessions as being experiential, being able to feel, smell, touch & taste etc throughout. Every insight experienced throughout your PLR session can help you move forwards in your present lifetime. Any negative memories or trauma energy that we discover ‘trapped’ in your subconscious will be gently released using cellular healing methods.

Working together we will pinpoint the root of this detrimental energy and ensure that it no longer impacts upon your present or future life. Such trapped energy can cause major difficulties in life and can present anywhere within the physical body.
Some people may even have energies attached to them that are causing difficulty in life, such as past lovers that refuse to let them go… any attachments discovered will be gently & sensitivity removed from the client for the greater good of both parties

Please get in touch if you would like to experience past life regression yourself or if you would like any further information

Past Life regression sessions are charged at £25 per hour