House Blessings & Clearences

Having your house ‘energetically cleansed’ is a beautiful and effective way in which to improve the atmosphere of your home, releasing any energetic imprints of the previous occupants or events, and eliminating any stored detrimental energy

The basic purpose of a house healing is to improve the feel of your home, creating a warmer, more peaceful atmosphere and providing spiritual protection for the dwelling and those who live there

Energetic debris exists within every home, with imprints of past and present inhabitants and events or trauma creating unseen disturbance. These imprints contain feelings and emotions that are either detrimental or beneficial to our homes and to ourselves

Sometimes called a house healing, an energetic cleansing is used to address the atmosphere in your home when negative impressions have become imprinted. These impressions are usually caused by fear, anger, anxiety, worry, long-time illness and trauma but can also be connected to the land on which the property stands, previous occupants or guests and even objects and possessions within the home. Sometimes these impressions are experienced as an uncomfortable or unwelcome atmosphere. Other experiences may be slightly more significant. Cold spots that can’t be explained, strange happenings or noises, issues with electrical appliances, lights that turn themselves on and off, and even spirit activity

By clearing these sources of disharmony from your home and the land upon which it stands, a peaceful atmosphere is restored

The cost for this service depends upon the size of your home, disturbances detected and of course the location. Please contact me for further information or to discuss your individual needs