Advanced Skills for Healers

Advanced Skills for Healers are a series of in-depth practical mentoring workshops, designed to bring greater understanding of the energy system and its distortions when in distress

Available only to students who have previously trained to master practitioner status or above with myself, these workshops will further your knowledge and ability to work within the aura and its separate vibrations, allowing you to pin point areas of energetic distress and distortion, and bring about a profound release, repair and return to wellness using advanced healing techniques

There are 6 workshops in total;
The Physical Body
The Emotional Body
The Mental Body
The Astral Body
The Chakra System
The Vertical Power Current

During these workshops you will learn how to use & enhance your psychic sense, allowing you to remote view into the physical & auric bodies. You will become skilful & proficient in locating areas of distress within the aura, not just as a block felt, but as a clear issue or illness located precisely, within its resting layer of the aura. Using new skills & techniques you will learn how to soothe, heal or release these areas of distress, promoting a speedy and complete return to wellness for your clients

You will learn to clearly differentiate between the auric layers and differing vibrations present. You will gain a deeper understanding of the distortions, distress and cellular detriment within the auric layers and be able to locate & differentiate between them. You will learn how to restore harmony within the aura, not just as one energy but as separate layers, individual energy systems vibrating at their own unique frequency. You will learn about the actual structure and energetic make up of the chakra system, gaining further knowledge and insight along with new techniques to cleanse, balance and repair the chakras on a cellular level, and finally you will learn about the vertical power current, the energy column that feeds and transfers energy between the chakra system, and how its energetic structure and health is essential to physical health

The workshops must be taken in order and the series of 6 fully completed within a year before certification is granted. Each workshop is taught over 4 days, with course work and practice sessions required inbetween

The cost for the series of workshops is £1500