Energetic Cellular Healing

Human energy body, aura, chakra, energyEnergetic Cellular Healing focuses mainly on the aura and chakra system and its impact on and relationship to the physical body.

Life’s discomforts are more often than not caused by being emotionally, physically and spiritually out of balance and as the human aura is an energetic record of all our lifetime experiences, good and bad, we can all carry a lot of unhealthy energy around with us. This leads to energy stagnation, disruption, blockages and an under/overcharging of the human energy field.

The powerfully transformative techniques applied during an Energetic Cellular Healing session allow a profound release of these energy blocks and stagnations which may be causing us illness, disease, stress or negative emotions.

Imbalances can also result from a physical trauma as our energy body also suffers the same injury and damage as our physical body does, retaining a cellular tissue memory (similar to muscle memory) of the event. This can lead to repetitive patterns of injury such as always hurting your left ankle for example. Energetic Cellular Healing allows the tissue memory to be reprogrammed back to a time before any imbalance was present.

What clients can expect during a session fully depends upon their state of being and on how and where energies have become stagnated. A number of different techniques may be applied during the session, depending upon the nature of the client’s condition and resulting energy imbalances detected.

It is possible that all seven layers of the aura may need to be worked upon as each layer stores different energetic disturbances. We may journey into wounds, images and belief systems that undermine health. Buried emotions or pain may surface to be released. We may need to restructure and strengthen chakras, limbs or organs. Deep rooted issues or phobias disturbing or distorting the energy system may need to be safely removed.


Some of the techniques applied include:

  • Full body chelation
  • Restructuring & strengthening chakras, limbs and organs
  • Clearing auric debris
  • Hara alignment
  • Spine cleansing
  • Negative entity removal
  • Harmonising relational cords
  • Phobia release
  • Spiritual surgery
  • Reconnection to source

Energetic Cellular Healing works on a subconscious level of understanding that all illness and disease can instantly be transformed into well-being by simply applying energetic knowledge, ability and belief, the belief that where there is light, and where there is hope, healing is always possible.


Many clients notice significant improvement after just a single session but do be aware that several treatments may be necessary to recharge and relax the whole system or an area of specific complaint.

 All Energetic Cellular Healing treatments are carried out by a fully qualified Advanced Bodies of Light graduate.