My Journey

Let me enlighten you a little on how and why I became a Healer. 

Some time ago, following an accident, I found myself unable to walk and in extreme pain. After years of being passed from doctors to specialists, in hospital after hospital, I was told that nothing more could be done for me and I would have to accept a life of mobility issues and pain killers. This prospect did not appeal to me at all, I refused to believe it and set off in search of an alternative approach to my problems. Combining a number of different holistic therapies and energy treatments, I now have full mobility and am in no pain. Good job I didn’t accept my diagnosis and give up!

Along the healing route I took I not only found my freedom from restriction, I found my own personal journey. Doors began to open for me and life flowed beautifully, directing me to mentors and experiences that would both alter and enhance my life forever. My life has turned around and is far better than I ever could have imagined and I now truly believe that my accident was a blessing in disguise.


I continue my journey by working both privately, and in the voluntary sector, taking healing to those in need. I am also committed to continuing my own development regularly attending courses, events and workshops to further my knowledge.



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