Traditional Reiki Mentoring & Courses

Usui Reiki Ryoho – Traditional Reiki Teachings

Shoden – 1st Degree 2 day course £125
This level brings the ability to heal yourself, family and friends. Often classed as an introduction to Reiki, Shoden brings to you knowledge about energy, about healing and about the system and delivery of Reiki

Okuden -2nd Degree 2 day course £175
Practitioner status. This level brings a deeper connection to Reiki by using a system of sacred symbols and mantras to connect to various aspects of Reiki energy, including distant healing and intuitive sessions. At the end of this degree you will be a certified Usui Reiki Ryoho Practitioner

Shinpiden – 3rd Degree 2 day course £200
Master Practitioner. This level again brings a deeper connection to Reiki energy, and also a greater understanding of the concept that is Reiki. Students also learn a further sacred symbol for use during treatments – In Reiki terminology, the word ‘Master’ does not imply spiritual enlightenment, instead the Reiki Master degree is about further self-growth and spiritual growth

Shihan – 4th Degree 1 day course £200
Master Teacher Status. This level is for those Reiki Masters wishing to develop further and mentor others in the knowledge of Reiki

Following completion of Master Practitioner status, students are given the opportunity to further develop their intuitive skills of working within the aura and its individual vibrations, allowing for a greater response to healing by their clients. This further development is achieved over the course of a year by attending a programme of 6 in-depth workshops

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