Healing Therapies

Please select the individual therapy you require by using the drop down list. Here you will find detailed information on each separate modality offered

Please note that the alternative therapies and services provided by Joanne Grylls are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Joanne is not medically trained and as such cannot provide diagnosis of any condition, nor does she guarantee a cure for any ailment. Joanne recommends that all clients see a licensed physician or health care professional for any physical or psychological ailments they may have

The services provided by Joanne enhance the body’s own ability to repair and regenerate, which takes time. Results are not always instantaneous and clients must be prepared to assist the process by practicing self-care. Multiple treatment sessions may be required depending upon the severity of a presenting or existing condition

Any comments made by Joanne during sessions are her opinion only and should not be construed as a diagnosis in any form

For legal reasons the psychic services offered are for entertainment purposes only. No results are guaranteed, and any guidance received during psychic connections is for the client to consider only, any decisions or choices made as a result of this are the clients own legal and personal responsibility