Spiritual Re-alignment

We can all become a little out of sync with life, where we feel lost, blocked or even fragmented… But when this becomes habitual, or occurs repeatedly on a level that is causing distress and detriment to our very being then the cause is most likely that we are out of energetic alignment

Our physical existence is a reflection of our emotional, mental, spiritual, cellular and energetic state of being. If all of these aspects are not working as one, and are out of tune with the natural flow & vibrancy of our soul then a distortion can occur, resulting in a seriously detrimental disconnection from our true guiding source of light…

Spiritual Re-alignment works to restore us back to the vibrancy and energetic flow held within our divine blueprint – In other words its brings us back to self

Focusing on three aspects of our energetic blueprint we will work to;
Revitalise the energetic structures of the aura
Realign body, mind & soul
Reconnect you to your own divine life purpose

On a cellular level we will repair and recalibrate the chakras, removing any disfunctions detected and ensuring the chakras are seated correctly into the vertical power current, allowing a fluid & healthy exchange of energy throughout the body

We will then focus on your Hara line, working to restore the stream of energy consciousness between heaven and earth, the connection that balances us body, mind and soul

And on a soul level we will activate & stimulate the core star, your very divine essence, bringing this light back into every aspect of your being, within every cell & structure, transforming all and every part of your existence here on earth

Spiritual Re-alignment is carried out over a series of 3 healing sessions, please get in touch if you would like to book an appointment or have any further questions

Spiritual Re-alignment is charged at £150 for all 3 sessions