Sacred Flames Reiki

Sacred Flames Reiki combines traditional Japanese Reiki with colour therapy and candle work

Sacred Flames Reiki works with colour and fire to help balance our charkas. Whilst colour therapy helps to change or alter our mood, positively influencing our personality in various ways, the candle work aspect used during sessions represents the fire that burns within us all, giving us feelings of protection, nourishment, light and purification

During treatments clients simply lay and relax whilst their body, mind & soul are flooded with the energy and colours of the seven sacred rays of light

This is such a gentle yet profound method of restoring energetic balance and peace… a beautiful treatment to experience

All Sacred Flames Reiki treatments are carried out by a fully qualified Sacred Flames Reiki Master Teacher – Please get in touch for further information or to book a session

Sacred Flames Reiki sessions are charged at £20 for 30 minutes, or £30 for 60 minutes