Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery itself takes place within the fifth dimension of the aura, the Etheric Template layer. A dimension of such high energetic frequency in which cellular transformation is possible. These cellular changes resonate within the clients energy body until they become a physical reality, usually noted as improved health…

Putting it simply, Psychic Surgery is an extremely powerful, transformative and beneficial healing modality, used to support clients experiencing long term illness, injury, disease or spiritual discomfort

Psychic Surgery is carried out by a fully qualified Advanced Bodies of Light graduate, studying for 2 years within the wider spiritual community of Findhorn to be able to channel the energy required for such high frequency work. During this period connections were established with the spiritual surgeons & assistants that work both with & through me, enabling me to carry out these profoundly beneficial healing sessions

Working in this way, with such profound connections & helpers has brought me to the understanding that, where there is light, and where there is hope, healing is always possible

Many clients report a marked improvement in their medical conditions and health in general following just one Psychic Surgery session – however please do be aware that a number of sessions may be required to experience a full return to health

Do get in touch if you would like to experience Psychic Surgery for yourself, or if you would like further information

Psychic Surgery sessions are charged at £50 per hour