Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma

With the rising interest in crystals & alternative methods of health and wellbeing, now is the perfect time to train as a Crystal Healer

Hosted over 2 days the Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma is a fully certified and recognised course which will see you become a Crystal Healer able to practice professionally. The training itself is a mix of practical tuition and demonstrations in which you will learn numerous techniques designed to aid the healing & wellbeing of your clients

This course will teach you;
Crystal meditation for self & clients
Basic crystal groups
Channelling & energy flow
How to select your crystals
Preparing, clearing & energising your crystals
Intention in healing
Crystal programming
Awareness of self & clients
A self-crystal healing session
A client crystal healing session
Intuitive techniques
Clearance techniques
The auric field
The chakra system
Crystal grids
Crystal elixirs
Crystal care
Crystal pendulums
Crystals for protection
Chakra balancing
Crystal wanding techniques

The full cost for the 2-days training is £225, which includes a Crystal Healing Kit to start you off on your healing journey