Animal Healing Sessions

Healing for animals although not widely recognised, can be extremely beneficial

As with humans, animals can also face difficulties in life such as stress & anxiety, depression, illness or injury, all of which can have a detrimental impact upon their quality of life, causing them pain & suffering and potential behaviour issues

Using a gentle holistic approach and recognised healing methods, animals, just like humans, can be supported back to health and wellness, improving their welfare, and returning them back to a state of balance and contentment

Energy healing can help with pain & discomfort, bring relaxation and calm to distress, and can support the bodies natural ability to heal, speeding up any recovery process required. All ailments can be treated, and as no invasive techniques are applied, animals experience no discomfort during the sessions

It is always preferable to work with an animal within its natural environment, reducing any unnecessary stress and allowing the session to be carried out in a state of ease
Working with animals cannot be forced, a build up of trust must be formed between animal and healer before any healing work can begin…
Animals are very good at letting us know whether they are open to healing, and will either initiate the energy exchange themselves, or refuse to allow it – Animals are also very good at letting us know when they have had enough and want the session to end

Most animals respond well to energy sessions. I have worked upon many animals in my many years as a healer, from domestic pets, to working and farmed breeds, many of which made their own need for healing known to me by following me, or activating my healing ability through the simplest of touches or belly rubs!

Regular short sessions are usually the most beneficial when working with an animal, and I advise a course of 3-6 sessions to allow for a return to health & wellness

Animal Healing is charged at £20 per session – Travelling outside of Hartlepool to help an animal in need is available, as long as travel expenses/accommodation costs are met

All Animal Healing sessions are carried out by a fully qualified & insured Animal Healer