Angelic Reiki Mentoring & Courses

Angelic Reiki Training Program

Angelic Reiki – 1st Degree 2 day course £175
Practitioner Status – In this form of Reiki, the healing and energy restoration is not carried out by another human being, but by the Angelic Kingdom of Light, with the healing energy being channelled from the Angelic Realms via Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers, or the ‘Luminous Ones’

During your training you will discover how to connect to these Divine Channels of Light, and allow them to heal through you for the greatest benefit of your clients

Angelic Reiki – 2nd Degree 2 day course £250
Master Teacher Status – This degree sees you become more aligned with the energy of Angelic Reiki, creating a deeper connection to your own Angel, and to those other beings of light that work with & through you when channelling Angelic Healing. This greater alignment allows for a much more sacred approach when working with clients

You will also receive instruction & guidance on how to attune and mentor others in the practice of Angelic Reiki

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